About ROMMA Group

"ROMMA Group of Companies is a dynamic and first-rate third-party logistics and supply chain management provider that has been empowering companies from diverse industries for the past two decades."

In today's highly competitive and fast-paced business environment, there is a constant demand to come up with products and solutions bordering beyond the ordinary, at the same time be able to deliver these solutions promptly without compromising their quality and consistency. ROMMA Group of Companies continuously strives to provide innovative products that affirm its commitment in establishing long-term and mutually benefiting relationship with its clients as their needs evolve over time. It takes pride in offering an extensive array of solutions ranging from trading, freight and forwarding and warehousing and distribution.

ROMMA Group of Companies is established on 14 February 1990 and has expanded its products and services from industrial electronics and preventive maintenance to integrated operation, warehousing and transportation services to cater to the needs of its valued clients and partners. This innovative and bold move made ROMMA Group a reliable first-rate third-party logistics and supply chain management provider and has been serving companies from different industries for the past 23 years.


Mission and Vision


REIC's mission is to provide our customers in the Electronics Industry with reliable products and services making them available when needed and giving sustained sales and after sales support anticipating their future needs on a RIGH-HERE-RIGHT-NOW basis through information technology & innovative solutions.

It is our vision to build a niche market in the Electronics industry and be the preferred business partner of its customers and associates.


ATPI's mission is to provide above expectation customer satisfaction in its Logistics Support Services. It is our vision to the preferred business partner of its customers. ATPI's corporate values are Customer Focus, Utmost Integrity and People Orientation.


AFBI's mission is to deliver streamlined logistics process, trouble-free clearance and prompt services that bring superior value to its clients and stockholders. It is our vision to be the ultimate leader in the supply chain industry, always providing world-class solutions to our partners at all time.

Our battle cry: Do what is right!